Symbolism of the Astrologic Septenary

The astrologic septenary is constituted with five symbols : on one hand the circle and the cross , on another, their derivative, the arc and the arrow , and at last their common constituent, the creation principle, the dot.

The two light are symbolised by the circle and the arc. The circle always equal to itself is opposed to the arc that can turn in different directions.

These characteristic leads to affect to the circle a symbolism of fixity, of permanence, thus of primordial substance when the arc symbolises the movement and the mutability.

The addition of the dot at the centre of the circle concede him the creation principle requisite by the male and active symbolism of the sun . The arc suffices to describe the female and passive principal of the moon .

The arc (the Moon) is often associated to other symbols. In this case, its direction will specify its meaning. The tips upwards , it triumphs of what is below, but when they’re downwards , it is enslave to what is on it.

Thus, the symbolism of the Taurus is constituted with the primordial substance subjected to the moon, so transmutable at the infinite. This symbol characterises the universal fecundity as the primordial substance of the Alchemy Work subject to all the metamorphosis of the nature and art.

In opposition, the symbol shows the primary substance dominating the mutable principle. It symbolises a refined substance became immutable, all possible elaboration being completed within it.

If the circle , closed figure, represents a definite entity, a substance, the cross , open figure, do not represent something perceptible. It will always describe a mutation, an elaboration to undergo. Thus the cross is systematically associated with another figure.

Put on a symbol , the cross indicate an achievement, a reach perfection. In the opposite position , it denotes a work to do, some latent capacity to spread.

Thus, Venus symbolises the primordial substance push to work, the spirit imprisoned within the material with the aim of learning how to detach from it.

It must be note that this position of the cross do not implicate an effective work but a latent and necessary one.

The cross symbolises an actual work when it is set within a sign. The Earth (the life) is represented by a cross which animates the substance. The trilogy ( body, soul, spirit ), (Human, Earth, World) are well represented by the symbols (,,).

Mercury is the union of the Taurus and Venus. It is the primary substance ready to be transmuted by a work. is the initiate ready to work to reach the supreme purification .

The arrow , derived from the cross, indicates a work on another. Mars , is an active and aggressive symbol. The substance , is projected , in a whole action, in contrary with the Earth which is only animated.

Jupiter and Saturn associates the Moon and the cross. Thus, they are symbols where the transformation and the work occur, where the action of mutation and elaboration appears.

The cross downstream the arc symbolises a work of mutation to proceed , the growth, the elaboration. But upstream the arc , it symbolises an achieved elaboration, the decrepitude, the old age.

The cross is constituted of two stroke. One horizontal, passive, female. The other vertical, active, male, as the male who pierce and fertilised. Thus, the attachment of a symbol to one of its stroke will define a specific meaning. So, the Moon linked to the vertical stroke increase the latent side of the transmutation of Jupiter, in contrary with Saturn for who the transformation leads to its end.

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