Aengus : God of Love, Dagda’s son. His other names are Mac Oc, the Young God. He is very handsome. They say his kisses are unforgettable because it changes into a marvellous bird. The god is himself accompanied by three magnificent birds. He lives in the sidh of Brug na Boyne.

Ailell : First king of Connacht and husband of Queen Maeve, the one who changed in grey she-wolf to defend her people.

Aine : Daughter of Mananann, queen and fairy. She lives in Knockainy ( in Gaelic Cnoc Aine means Aine Hill ). During the night of Summer solstice, they burn straw in her honour. They pray her to cure all diseases. The herbs who symbolise her is meadowsweet.

Airmed : Dian Cecht’s daughter. Her name means " the moderation ". During Moy Tura battles, she gathered the medicinal plants together in order to cure the wounded warriors and to raise the dead in the Health Fountain.

Amorgen : His name means " the birth of the song ". He was the chief of the people the Miles’sons. In order to honour Ireland, he put his right foot on the earth when he was landing. He was the first poet in the island. Goddess Eriu protected him and when the poet and his fellow were throw again in the sea, she allowed their boats to come back on the shore.

Anu : Other name of Dana, mother of gods, goddess of prosperity. With Babd and Macha, she makes the fate’s triad.

Aoife : Warrior woman, Scathach’s slave. She fought again Cuchulainn. She was defeated, became his mistress and gave him a son. This name was the one of Lir’s second wife too. She changed Lir’s children into swans. As a punishment, she was changed into a witch and throw gain in the air.

Arthur : Son of a Brittany king who robbed three dogs of Finn. He was pursued by Fianna. They took back the dogs. Arthur signed a pact with Finn and belonged to his train.

Ath Liag Finn : Name of a ford where Finn throwed a stone with a gold chain. This stone was a gift of a sidh’s’ woman. The legend says that the stone and the chain will come back on a Sunday, by a mermaid, just seven days before the end of this world.


Badb : Warrior goddess. She is sometimes considered as a Morrigane’s avatar. Her name means " crow " and she often appears with this shape.

Balor : King of the Fomoires. He has, in the middle of his forehead, a malefic eye, hidden under a heavy eyelid. This eye destroys or petrifies every things it touches. Prophecy said that he will be killed by his own grandson. As a precaution, when his daughter Ethne gave birth to the son of Tuatha Cian ( Dian Cecht’s son), Balor throw the baby in the ocean. But he survived and, later, killed Balor with a sling, during the second battle of Moy Tura.

Banshee : that means " woman of the sidh ". She is the protector spirit of a family or a clan. She advise, by crying, when death is coming. It’s too the name they give, in some Irish counties, to witches and medicine women.

Bealtaine : Great Celtic fair (1rst of May ). It’s the beginning of the Hot Season, the entrance in the world of daily activities and of the light. The Great Mother is particularly honoured in the shape of Dana, gods’mother and wife of Oak King. Oak and fern are the symbols of this fair. During this night, they light very big fires. The first fire who burn have to be the one on Tara Hill. It’s the birthday too of landing of Tuatha and Partholon’s people in Ireland.

Bile : word meaning " sacred tree " in Irish.

Birog : druidess who helped Cian to got inside the tower where Ethne were prisoners. After that, she saved Lugh when Balor throwed him in the ocean.

Boann : sea goddess, Aengus’mother. Her name means " white cow " and had given the name of Boyne River. After commit adultery with Dagda, Boann spring in a source who robed her a arm, a leg and an eye. She fled to the sea and the river followed her, drawing the River Boyne.

Bran : Febal’s son. His name means " raven ". He made a fabulous travel. He met Mananann, lived in a fairy island where time didn’t exist. When he wanted come back to his country, he realised several hundred years have gone away. Bran and his fellow can no more put a foot over their country : they ran the risk to fall in dust. That forced them to wander for ever about the sea.

Bres : Son of a Fomoire king and a Tuatha goddess. He took Nuada’s place when he lost his arm and couldn’t be the king anymore, after the first Moy Tura battle. He was a bad king and the Tuatha wanted to expel him from the throne and he asked some help near Balor. In this way began the second Moy Tura battle. He was captured by the Tuatha. They didn’t kill him because he made two promises : the Irish cows will always have milk and he will Tuatha learn how to grow the ground.

Brit : her other name is Brigid. She is Dagda’s daughter. Her name means " the very high ". She protects the blacksmiths, the bards and the healers. The pregnant women ask her help and protect. She’s specially honoured on Oilmec. In the place where she was honoured, a fire was always burning and three times three priestesses looked at it.

Brug na Boyne : the most famous sidh of Ireland, where lives Aengus and where Cuchulainn was born.


Caladbolg : magic sword of Cuchulainn

Caoilte : Finn’s nephew, Fianna warrior, he was the fastest runner of his time. They said that he was alive till St Patrick’s coming.

Ce : Nuada’s druid. He was killed during second Moy Tura battle. A lake ( Lough Ce ) born over his grave.

Changeling : Fairies’child, ugly and crafty, left in a cradle instead of a human baby who has been robbed by the fairy to be brought up with their people.

Cian : Dian Cecht’s son, husband of the Fomoire Ethne, Lugh’s father. He was killed by Tuireann’s sons while he had a boar’s shape. Seven times, the earth refused his body. Lugh wanted to avenge his father and gave trials to Tuireann’s sons.

Cliona : goddess of the Other World. She’s always with three birds (crows or cranes ) who eat the marvellous apples of the Everlasting Youth Island. With their songs, they give the everlasting sleep. Her other name is Cliodnu.

Conchobar : son of the druid Cathbad and the queen Ness-Assa, husband of the four daughters of Eochaid, he’s considered too as one of Cuchulainn’s fathers. He was king of Ulster and his palace stand in the middle of Emain Macha. He made peace, gave lots of wealthes. He is the main person of all Ulster’s stories.

Conn : Art’s father, Cormac’s grandfather, high king of Tara, he was loved for the prosperity, the justice and the happiness that he had given to his people. Lugh gave him the sovereignty cup in the Other World. But, becoming widowed, he married Becuna the Evil and Ireland became barren. Art, coming back from exile, succeeded to rise the spell.

Cormac mac Art : High king of Tara, he was very wise. From the Other World, he brought a magic cup back. It broke if someone said three lies in front of it and it restored if someone said three trues in front of it.

Credne : Tuatha’s god, Goibniu’s brother. His name is the divine maker of bronzes.

Crom Cruach : Force of the dark, with a monster shape, sometimes a snake or a dragon, honoured by the Fomoires. When someone asked his help, the price was very heavy : first he took the soul and after, he took the life.

Cuchulainn : his first name was Sentana (the path). After killing the war dog of Culann the blacksmith, he took the name of Cuchulainn ( dog of Culann). He died on a Samhain’s night. While he was dying, Morrigane, in the shape of three crows, came on his shoulders.


Dagda : he is one of the most important gods of the Tuatha dé Danann. His other name is Eochaid U Oathair ( the good god ). He is also considering as the gods’father. His symbolic tools are the bludgeon. One of its extremity gives the death and the other one gives the life. His harp plays three magic songs ( joy, sadness and everlasting sleep ). His cauldron gives the everlasting life. They describe him as a giant, wearing the people clothes, having huge physical appetites.

Dana : One of the several shapes of the Great Goddess : the one where she is the gods’ mother. The name of the Tuatha dé Danann comes from her name. Her sacred flower is hawthorn. She is particularly honoured in Bealtaine.

Deirdre : Fedelmir’s daughter, Conchobar’s bard. As soon as she was born a malefic prophecy has be told. Her name means " danger ". She was brought up by Leborcham the magician. After having a vision, she decided to have Naoise as a husband, but he refused because he knew that Conchobar wanted Deirdre for wife. Deirdre put a spell on Naoise and he had to rapt her. Naoise was killed by Eogan. Conchobar gave Deirdre to Eogan. Deirdre let fall herself from the chariot which brought her out of Ulster and she died.

Dian Cecht : Tuatha chief, god of medicine, Cian’s father and Lugh’s grandfather, he made a silver arm for Nuada. He knew the herbs for the Health Fountain of the Moy Tura battle. His son Miach knew how to heal too. He used his knowledge to give a new real arm to Nuada. Dian Cecht was jealous and killed his son.

Diarmaid (or Dermot) : his name means " forgiven ". His foster father was Aengus. He was Finn’s nephew and always went with him for fighting. Because a spell, he was in love with Grainne and had to flee with her. But Finn wanted Grainne too and he followed them and fought with Diarmaid. Aengus made his foster son invulnerable. Diarmaid had to brake a " geis " to fight a magic boar. He was wounded and Finn let him die.


Echaid : foster father of Lugh Lamfada

Eire : Tuatha goddess who gave her name to Ireland. Her other names are Eriu or Eri.

Eithne : name of several women. Eithne Aitenchaithrech was Conchobar’s wife. Eithne Inguba was Cuchulainn’s wife. It’s the name too of the Great Goddess when she’s Lugh’s wife. But first, this name conjure up Elcmar’s wife from Brug na Boyne sidh and had a son with Dagda. This son was Aengus.

Elatha : Bress’s father. Fomoire who forced goddess Eriu and so had his son.

Emain Macha : main place of the Ulates, created by goddess Macha. It was Conchobar’s home. Here began and finished all Ulates’stories.

Emer : Forgall Manach’s daughter and Mananann’s last wife. Conchobar wanted Cuchulainn to married her but Forgall didn’t agree and send Cuchulainn to Scathach. He was thinking Cuchulainn never come back. But the hero came back, fled with Emer and married her. A long time after, Emer was jealous of Fand, the mistress of Cuchulainn and wanted to kill her, but finally, she gave her pardon. Conchobar’s druid gave her the drink of everlasting forget.

Eogan : Naoise’s killer. Conchobar gave him Deirdre but she sprang from the chariot which brought her out of Ulster and she died.

Etaine : Poetess, Dian Cecht’s daughter. Her other name is " daughter of the ocean’s horses ". The legend gives her several animate lives, both in the sidh and on the earth. She had a daughter with the same name who was Cormac’s daughter.

Ethne (or Ethlinn) : Balor ’s daughter, Lugh’s mother, Cian’s wife.


Fand : Mananann’s wife. Her name means " swallow ". She represents beauty and grace.

Febal : Bran’s father

Feenish : Captain Macnamara’s mare. He rubbed her with a magic stone and she got a human spirit. She died when crossing a river. Her master obliged her to cross in spite of her exhaustion. She was buried in Inis Feenish Island in the middle of Lough Corrib.

Fe Fiada : magic tool or power used by the fairy to become invisible.

Fer Caille : Wood man, ugly monster who wanders in the forest with his wife and tells prophecies.

Fergus : name of several men. Fergus White Mouth was Finn’s poet. Fergus Red Coast was Nemed’s son. Fergus Black Teeth was defeated by Cormac. He had two brothers : Fergus Breg Fire and Fergus Lang Haired.

Fergus Mac Roi : Ulster’s king, Ness and Flidais’s husband, Medb’s lover. They said he was strong as 700 men. Conchobar defeated him. When Maeve fought against Ulster, Fergus joined her.

Fer Li : Goll’s grandson, Fer Tai’s son, he was from Morna clan. He wanted to avenge his grandfather, killed by Finn. He only wounded Finn but was killed.

Fianna : wandered warriors, their chief was Finn. They have to make the law to be respect. during the warm season, they were hunting and during the cold season, they lived with the natives.

Filid : poet who own the Celtic tradition. His other name is " file ". Amorgen was the best known of the filid.

Finn : the entire name is Finn Mac Cumhal. It’s probably the main Irish hero. His father, Cumahl was killed by Goll, from Morna clan, during Knock battle. His mother gave him in fosterage to Liath Luacra and Bodhmall the druidess. When he became older, he went himself in fosterage near Finegas, on Boyne River. He ate the knowledge salmon and became wise. He made several feats . He had a son : Ossian. When he became old, he was one of the main actor of the story of Diarmaid and Grainne. Nobody knows how Finn died. Some legends say he is sleeping in a cavern, other say he was so strong, as much as a giant, that he build the Giant Causeway, near Antrim.

Fir Bolg : people who was in Ireland between Nemed’s sons and Tuatha. The first Moy Tura battle was between Fir Bolg and Tuatha.

Fomoires : Devils who life in Tory Island. Balor was their king. They fought against all people of Ireland until Tuatha send them back to their island after the second Moy Tura battle.


Gae Bolga : Cuchulainn spear. It was single and had be offered by the witch Scathach.

Gamal : One of the two keeper with Camall of the Tara’s doors, during Nuada’s reign.

Geis : something strictly forbidden or obliged for someone, till birth to death, stronger than honour or faith.

Gebann : druid, Cliona’s father.

Glam dicinn : curse said by a filid. The victim wore, during a certain time, three furuncle, symbols of shame, blame and ugliness.

Goborchind : people of the Underground, leprechaun’s cousin, generally ugly and grumbling. Their other name is " goat head ".

Goibniu : Blacksmith god of the Tuatha dé Danann. During his Immortality Lunch, gods became immortality and everlasting youth.

Goidels : other name of Miles’sons

Grania (or Grainne) : Finn wanted to marry her when he was old but she preferred Diarmaid, his nephew. She put a " geis " on him and obliged him to rapt her. Finally Diarmaid died.

Grey of Macha : Cuchulainn’s horse. He has a human spirit.


Harp : symbolic music tool of pagan Ireland. The most known is certainly Dagda’s harp which plays the three songs of Joy, Sadness and Sleep.

Hu Gadarn : other name of Aengus, the Mac Oc


Ibar : Cuchulainn’s chariot driver

Imrama : name of marvellous travels on the seas of heroes looking after fantastic things, places or persons.


Kernunos : the oldest and main god, the stag god, the Great Horned, Mother Goddess’s husband from Samhain to Bealtaine, under the shape of Holly King. He symbolise the fertilising strength, the renewal and the primordial think.


Laeg : other Cuchulainn’s chariot driver

Laoghaire : Crevan of Connacht’s son. He helped Fiachna, a fairy king, to recover his wife. After, he lived in the sidh and married the daughter of Fiachna, Der Greine.

Leabar Cabala : book of conquests in which we find the names of the different peoples who lived in Ireland ( the first one who disappeared after a flood, Partholon’s sons, Fomoires, Nemed’s sons, Tuatha dé Danann, Milles’sons, Fir Bog, Fir Gailoin, Fir Domnainn )

Leprechaun : person of the Little Fairy People who generally lives alone. He’s a shoemaker or a tailor and has a bad character. He has to protect his gold cauldron from the one who want to rob it. The name come from lugh (small) and corpan (body).

Levaecham : poetess and Conchobar’s faith woman, Deirdre’s forest mother

Lia Fail : fate stone, resting at Tara Hill. It was used when the High King was crowned. It was shouting only when the one who have to be king touch it.

Lir : Tuatha god of the fairies and the ocean. He is Mananann’s father. First, he married Aobh and had three sons and a daughter. When Aobh died, he married Aoife. Jealous, she changed Lir’s children in swans.

Lochlann : name of Northern men, in Ireland, before the Viking invasion. It was a legendary country where lived giant men.

Luchta : carpenter god of the Tuatha.

Lugh : sunny and light god who joined the Tuatha when they fought the Fomoires. he was Balor’s grandson by his mother Ethne and Dian Cecht’s grandson by his father Cian. His other names were Lamfada (the long hand) because of his weapons ( spear, sling) and Samildanach (the polyvalency) because his knowledge in several sciences. He killed Balor with his sling. The legend says he was one of Cuchulainn’s fathers.

Lughnasadh : Fair of warm season. Her name come from Lugh, the sunny god. They honour Macha, the horses goddess too. During this fair, they honour the union of sunny strength (Lugh) and the earth strength (Macha). This fair was the time, for the ancient Celts, to according wedding.


Macha : One of the most important goddess of the Irish mythology, the Epona of Gaul and the Rhiannon of Wales. We can find her name in several myths. First, she is Nemed’s wife. After, being Crunnchu, she have a race with Ulates while she was pregnant. She gave birth to twins (Emain Macha) and put a spell on Ulates: each year, during nine days and nine nights, they have to suffer the pregnant sickness, this during nine times nine generations. The third Macha was Aedh’s daughter. This king reigned with Dithorba and Cimbaeth. When Aedh died, the two other didn’t want of Macha on the throne with them. She defeated them, married Cimbaeth and changed Dithorba in a slave.

Mac Oc : other name of Aengus

Macnamara : Warrior who had magic powers after robed a magic stone in the nest of a crow and rubbed himself and his mare. After the death of his mare, he lost his powers.

Maeldun : to avenge the murder of his father, he sailed. A " geis " forbids him to have more than six people on his boat but at the last time, his fostered brothers join him and they were more than allowed. Then began a long travel with lots of events. Endless, Maeldun made peace with hi enemies.

Maeve : Originally, Maeve was a goddess who symbolised Mother Earth. The king had to married her to be allowed to reign. She was too the queen of Connacht, Aillil’s wife. When she discovered that her possessions were lesser than her husband’s one, she robbed the brawn bull of Cuailgue, in Ulster. During this battle, Cuchulainn died.

Mag Mell (or Mag Mor) : the Other World

Mananann : God of the ocean, he reigns on Tir Tairngiri. He is Ogma and Dagda’s brother. He is Lir’s son and Fand’s husband. He likes to have several shapes to be among humans.

Miach : Dian Cecht’s son, the medicine god of Tuatha. He was better surgeon than his father. He had successfully transplant a alive arm to Nuada. Jealous, his father killed him.

Midir : god of the Other World. He is Dagda’s brother and Aengus’s foster father. He became Etaine’s lover when he visited his foster son in Brug na Boyne.

Morrigane : goddess of the fights, she reign on the battle fields where she drive the warriors with her predictions. She helped the Tuatha during Moy Tura battle. She united together with Dagda during Samhain night, in Boyne River. She fought with Cuchulainn after trying to charm him. She is symbolised by three crows.

Moy Tura : place of two terrible battles. The first opposed Fir Bolg and Tuatha and the second Fomoires and Tuatha. During these battles, the main heroes of the Irish mythology fought together.

Murna : Finn’s mother


Naoise : one of the three sons of Usnach, great warrior who lived in Conchobar’s train. Deirdre fell in love with him. After the " geis " she put on him, he had to flee with her, far away from Conchobar’s anger. He was killed by Eogan.

Nachtan : Dagda’s brother and Boann’s husband

Nemain : other name of Badb, the warrior goddess.

Nemanach : one of Aengus’s sons.

Nemed : Coming from South, he landed Ireland with his people. They were the second people who lived on the island after defeated the Fomoires. After two other battles, Nemed’s people was defeated. A part of the people became slave and the other fled. The legend says that Nemed died in Cork Haven.

Ness : Eochaid’s daughter, Findchoen’s mother (who will become Cuchulainn’s foster mother ). By ruse, Cathbad the druid married her. She wanted to kill him and give him a drink with two worms, but she drunk one of them and became pregnant. She gave the birth to Conchobar . After a year, she became free again and married Fergus. She asked him to let the throne to Conchobar during a year. Conchobar was so wise that the people asked Fergus to go away and to let Conchobar reign.

Net : Badb’s husband

Niamh : a princess from Tir na N’og. She came in Ireland with the shape of a magic horse with a gold mane to persuade Ossian to follow her.

Noinden : name of the spell which Macha put on Ulates.

Nuada Airgetlam : Tuatha’s king. During the first Moy Tura battle against For Bolg, he was wounded and left his right arm. So, he was no more allowed to be on the throne. Dian Cecht, the medicine god, transplant a silver arm but Bress became Tuatha king instead of him. Miach, Dian Cecht’s son, transplant an alive arm and Nuada was allowed to become king again. This was the beginning of the second Moy Tura battle, against the Fomoire who helped Bress. Tuatha won but Nuada was killed.


Ochain : Conchobar’s magic shelter. It was shouting when the king was in danger.

Oengus : other name of Aengus, the Mac Oc.

Ogham : sacred writing of islander Celts. It is made with nicks in wood or stone. Each letter is associated with a tree. These letters were created by Ogma, god of knowledge.

Ogma : One of the most important god of Tuatha. His other name is the " binder god ". He is figured with lots of chains from his thong to men’s ears who follow him. This symbolises speak power and wise that owns Ogma.

Ossian : Fianna’s hero, Finn’s song. His other name is Oisin and it’s means calf; At the end of his life, he went in Tir na N’og with princess Niamh and married her.


Partholon : chief of the first people who was in Ireland. He created seven lakes and four plains. He created fishing, hunting, farming and breeding. He had the first battle against Fomoires. Legend says he was died on the only one plain who exist before his coming.

Plu na Mban : Daughter of Niamh and Ossian, born in Tir na N’og

Pooka : Person of the Fairy Little People who has several shapes. The shape he prefers are goat, horse and bull. When someone don’t please him, with his horns, he is able to push him over the mountains and he fly to the glens of the Burren.


Raighne : Finn’s son

Ronan : Irish druid who lived alone in the forest and was werewolf.

Ruadan : Son of Bress and of goddess Brit. He tried to killed Goibniu during the second Moy Tura battle but the blacksmith killed him.

Ruad Rofessa : the other name of Dagda, when he is magic and druids god.

Rudraide : One of Partholon’s son. When he was buried, a spring came and gave birth to Lough Rudgrage.


Sadhbh : Ossian’s mother

Samaliliath : partholonian who introduced beer in Ireland.

Samhain : Great pagan fair (1rst November), beginning of the new Celtic year and of the cold season. During the Samhain night, all the doors of the sidh are open. During this night, the high king of Ireland was symbolically killed before reborn for a other year of reign.

Samhair : Finn’s daughter. She married Cormac, Munster king.

Scathach : warrior queen and witch who lived in Scotland. She had to initiate all the main heroes of Ireland.

Sencha : Conchobar’s druid. His womb brought peace. Now, his name is given to druids who have to teach history and philosophy.

Sentana : first name of Cuchulainn, meaning " the path "

Sidh : magic place where live fairy and all the other persons of the Little People.

Streng : Fir Bolg warrior who cut Nuada’s arm

Suibne Gelt : savage man who represents the primitives strength of the forest.


Tailtiu : Fir-Bolg woman, considered as a primitive goddess of the Earth. She married a Tuatha et became Lugh foster mother. After clearing Breg Forest, she died from starvation. Lugh decided the creation of a fair to honour her memory. The shamrock which was covering the Breg plain became the emblem of this fair.

Tara : the residence of the High King of Ireland. The Lia Fail ( a magic stone which roars when, and only when, the real High King touch it ) is lying on Tara Hill.

Tir fo Thuinn : the name of the Kingdom which is under the ocean.

Tir na Mban : country where Bran and his fellows were held back by women with magic powers, without being aware of the flying time.

Tir na N’og : country of the everlasting youth, where the souls rest in quiet, waiting the following life. It may be far away in the West Ocean.

Tory Island : Island in the North of Donegal, country of the Fomoires.

Tuatha dé Danann : divine race from North who fought Fir-Bolg and Fomoires, both in Moy Tura battles. They reached the Island just on Bealtaine Day. Their name means " people of Dana ". Their king was Nuada. They reigned a long time before being expel from Ireland by Miles Sons. The main chiefs of Tuatha were gods. They were revered in all pagan Ireland. The gods were : Dagda, Ogma, Lugh, Nuada, Goibniu, Credne, Luchta, Dian Cecht, Oengus, Mananann. The goddess were : Dana, Brit, Morrigane, Eriu, Cliona. They owned four sacred tools : the " Lia Fail ", the Lugh’s spear, the Nuada’s sword and the Dagda’s cauldron.

Tuirbe : Father of Goibniu, the blacksmith god. He forged a gigantic axe.

Tuirean : Finn’s sister. Her husband, Illan the magician, changed her into a bitch. So she gave birth to Finn’s dogs : Bran and Sceolan.


Uacthach : Daughter of Scathach, the witch-warrior. She made the warrior initiation of Cuchulainn and felt in love with him.

Uaitne : Dagda’s magic harp. She was able to play alone if her owner asked to her. The Fomoires stole her at the end of the second Moy Tura battle. When Dagda met Fomoire to keep back his harp, first, she played the Youth Song and all the Fomoires were irrepressibly laughing, after, she played the Old Age Song and all the Fomoires were irrepressibly crying, finally, she played the Death Song and all the warriors were deeply sleeping. So, Dagda can easily take back his harp.

Ulates : People of Ulster. Cuchulainn, Conchobar and Amorgen were Ulates. A curse of goddess Macha was hanging over them. Each year, they have to suffer like pregnant women during nine days and nine nights, and this during nine times nine generations.


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